90 Days to Financial Security by Melektoth

90 Days to Financial Security

How to Gain Control Over Your Finances
Are you often left feeling like you have no control over your money?
Do you feel as though financial security were out of your reach?
I believe that anyone can have financial security, even if you believe you aren't making very much money right now.
This December my brand new 90-day program is opening up: 90 Days to Financial Security.
It's my sincere belief that in only 90 days, I can help you to:
  • Feel a greater sense of control over your finances
  • Stop worrying if you'll be able to afford all your expenses this month
  • Have a plan to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Route out all unnecessary spending and start spending in alignment with your priorities
  • Set financial goals for the future and reach them, easily
  • Never again have to scramble to meet an unexpected expense

What You'll Get

This program will teach you everything you need to know to build a solid foundation of financial security.
Here's what you'll get:
  • 12 weekly sessions with Brandon: you'll be part of a select group of up to 6 people who meet every week via Zoom
  • Homework between calls: to ingrain the principles we'll be discussing and get you to take action
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group: to ask questions and receive encouragement from other members of the program
  • Lifetime access to call recordings: all calls will be recorded so you can refer back to them at any time
  • Two one-on-one sessions with me: to give you a chance to ask any questions or work through parts of the program proving difficult to implement
You can get all of this for just $997, or three payments of $367/month.
Click here to pay in full and save $104, or go here to set up the payment plan
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About Me

My name is Melektoth from DarkAscent.org. My goal is to help you to become the god of your reality which you were always meant to be. I teach the law of attraction, magick, and non-duality.