Creating From Zero by Brandon Olivares

Creating From Zero

Step into the True Center of Your Power
Have you ever felt like you're missing something with the law of attraction? Have small things come easily to you, yet larger manifestations remain stubbornly out of reach?

It's likely because of this one key that you have not been applying.

What is that key?

Most people are trying to create from their mind. LOA teachers say to visualize what you want, to use affirmations, to think positively and so on.

But the power of creation actually does not come from the mind. Trying to create from the mind is actually kind of like trying to drive a car by pushing it from behind.

The power of creation comes from a deeper place— a place I simply call Zero.

If you don't learn the key to going beyond the mind and accessing Zero, then you'll never achieve those big manifestations that you truly desire.

The significantly higher income, the dream partner, the ideal job— none of this is possible if you simply try to create from the mind.

So I've created this course to teach you exactly how to transcend the mind and create from Zero.

Once you've learned the key, it's not all that difficult. It simply takes a bit of practice.

So if you'd like to start creating real, meaningful manifestations, then sign up below.

What My Students Are Saying

I am amazed by my results in getting to the zero state. Things I have wanted to have in my orbit (sometimes for years) have appeared. Things I have asked to have experience of yesterday and the day before have appeared today. It's almost unbelievable.
Like yourself, I have known we create our realities through the LOA & are our own creators of our manifestations. Your course material & presentation beautifully walked me through the steps helping me grasp the missing pieces I needed to “set my manifestation wheels in motion” for my desired outcomes.  

Thank you so very much for figuring this out & sharing with us your knowledge.  Desires are abundantly manifesting in my life now & your course materials significantly brought all this together for me.
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What's in the Course?

There are two major modules to the course.

The first module, The Path to Zero, will teach you how to cut through the illusions of your mind and enter into Zero.

The second module, Creating From Zero, will teach you how to use the power of Zero to create.

At the end of each module is a demonstration with a real person using the techniques taught in the course.

Bonus 1: You'll receive a guided meditation that will help you to reach Zero and then to plant the seeds of your creations. I suggest listening to this meditation every day to really attune your vibration to that which you want to create.

Bonus 2: I will personally set a positive intention for you for 7 days after you join this course. This will give you even more support to create lasting change by applying the principles taught in this course.
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What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 1 file


Module 1: The Path to Zero
Lesson 1: Stop Living on the Surface
15 mins
Lesson 2: Cutting Through the Illusion
33 mins
Lesson 3: The Feeling of Radiance
21 mins
Demonstration: The Path to Zero
53 mins
Module 2: Creating From Zero
Lesson 4: Planting the Seeds of Your Creations
24 mins
Lesson 5: Opening to Inspiration
24 mins
Lesson 6: Programming Your Inner GPS
22 mins
Demonstration: Creating From Zero
50 mins
Guided Meditation: Planting the Seeds of Your Creations
11 mins
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About Me

My name is Brandon Olivares from Dark Ascent. I believe that everyone has the potential to become the God of their reality — subservient to none and exalted over all in their universe. I have been on the path of godhood since 2015 and wish to teach you the secrets of this hidden path.