Three Day Manifesting Intensive by Brandon Olivares

Three Day Manifesting Intensive

Make a Massive Change in Your Life


I've been coaching now for three years, showing others how to make their desires become reality.
However, the biggest issue I've seen is the time factor. I meet with my one-on-one coaching clients every two weeks. Sometimes it takes 4 sessions or so before we can really build up the momentum to start seeing results.
Now I am offering my first manifesting intensive. It was born from the desire to help you manifest faster change in your life. Through compacting everything I'd show you in coaching, down to only a few days, you can make a massive shift in mindset and perspective, which will immediately start changing the way you approach your manifestations.
The law of attraction is real. I've manifested countless desires using the principles I've come to learn over the last three years.
But, the law of attraction also requires a massive shift in perspective. Without that shift, you're just going to get the same things you've always gotten.

What to Expect

This intensive will last three hours per day, for three days. In that time, we will cover everything you'll need to know to start generating the results you want in your life.
This is a group program, but I am only accepting a small group of a few people at a time. You'll still receive plenty of personalized attention from me throughout the intensive, and you'll have all the time you need to ask your questions and ensure that you are understanding everything.
I see this more as a deep conversation, rather than a training or an extended coaching session. I won't give you a huge list of exercises or techniques. My goal for this intensive is to help you to see things in a different way, and once your perspective has shifted authentically, then the way you approach your manifestation will naturally shift.
The reason you don't have your desire is not because you aren't using the right techniques, or not thinking the right thoughts. It's merely because you aren't seeing the situation in the optimal way to encourage a shift. Once you change on the inside, then you will naturally, and effortlessly, start getting different results on the outside.
The schedule will be decided once everyone signs up for the program. We need to find the best time that works for everyone. I'd like to hold this from June 22-24, but if we need to choose different dates, we will.
If you have any questions about this program, don't hesitate to contact me.


For everyone who signs up for this intensive, I will also be giving you free access to Effortless Money Manifestation. You may attend those classes live or simply enjoy the recordings. This complementary class will teach you everything you need to start manifesting effortless abundance, in the amounts of your choosing.


Nine hours of one-on-one coaching with me would cost you $1,575. However, I am offering this intensive to you for only a one-time payment of $997.
Or, you can opt to make three monthly payments of only $347.
Once you sign up, you will also receive complementary access to my course, Effortless Money Manifestation, which is a $247 value.
Have questions? Feel free to contact me.

What's included?

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Scheduling the Intensive

About Me

My name is Brandon Olivares from Dark Ascent. I believe that everyone has the potential to become the God of their reality — subservient to none and exalted over all in their universe. I have been on the path of godhood since 2015 and wish to teach you the secrets of this hidden path.


Can I just listen to the recordings?

No, this intensive is meant to be experienced live. If you absolutely cannot come to one of the days, then we'll certainly adjust, but you're strongly encouraged to attend as many of the sessions as possible. Of course life happens and that is understandable, but just contact me if you aren't sure.

How long is the intensive?

We will be meeting for three consecutive days, three hours each day. Each session will be 85 minutes in length, plus a 10 minute break, and another 85 minute session.